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Understanding Ebor Academy Trust

Understanding Ebor Academy Trust

With its headquarters in York, Ebor Academy Trust is a values-led multi-academy trust – a family of schools with a sense of responsibility for each other.

Ours is a mixed trust comprising both Community and Church schools. We have strong links with York St John University, work closely with the Diocese of York and have established many successful and innovative partnerships with organisations sharing common values and the same moral purpose.

We consist of small village schools, large urban schools, schools in challenging circumstances and those which have the capacity to support others.

Our schools operate in geographic hubs in York, Selby, on the Yorkshire Coast and in the East Riding and The Humber.

Ebor stands for Excellence, Belonging, Opportunity, Respect:

  • Excellence in all we do
  • A sense of Belonging and solidarity for everyone in our group
  • Opportunities that are presented when we work well together
  • Respect for what we do and for each other.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual setting and share skills and resources, where appropriate, across our group.

Ebor was established to help a school in York that had been failing for over a decade. Less than three years after it joined the trust, Ofsted awarded the school its first ‘Good’ rating.

We provide a quality education provision for two-year-olds through to 16-year-olds. Our vision, continually evolving with regular input from school leaders within our group, is to provide great outcomes for pupils, staff and the wider leadership team, including governance.

The Trust is ambitious for all its component parts, creating an environment where there is a desire to learn. Our pupils develop the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and think critically and creatively.

Excellence in Early Years teaching

An innovative partnership to increase excellence in early years teaching has been set up with Early Excellence, an established national leader specialising in developing young children’s education.

The partnership is based at Osbaldwick Primary Academy, part of Ebor, and will become a regional centre of excellence for early years education.

This is a collaboration which provides benefits to all concerned and especially young children in York and North Yorkshire. We share Early Excellence’s vision for high quality training and support for school improvement.

Liz Marsden, Early Excellence founder and director, said: “Every day we champion the development of inspirational learning and teaching, offering expert advice, support and training to schools and settings across the UK. We are delighted to be working alongside Ebor in York.”

Developing literacy

A partnership has been formed with Just Imagine, an international consultancy specialising in developing outstanding reading and writing in schools.

The initiative puts stories and literature at the heart of learning. The expertise, resources and research opportunities Just Imagine offer means that children at Ebor schools will be engaged in rich reading experiences that are in addition to their individual school’s core offer.

Nikki Gamble, chief executive of Just Imagine, said: “Developing literacy means children and young people can communicate effectively and helps them make sense of the world. It’s at the centre of all learning.

“We are pleased to be working alongside Ebor Academy Trust to deliver truly innovative ways for children to get excited about literacy and start to develop a lifelong love of reading.”

Maths mastery

“Mastery approaches” to teaching maths are being developed by Ebor Academy Trust.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme, run by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, has been put together in conjunction with 35 Maths Hubs spread across England. Each hub is led by a school with a record of high achievement in maths and support improvements in the teaching and learning of maths. We have accredited personal development academy specialists in maths.

A maths mastery teacher exchange programme, funded by the Department for Education, saw one of Ebor’s academy specialists in the subject visit Shanghai, where maths teaching outcomes regularly top academic ability tables across the world.

Education Pathways

Education Pathways is the apprenticeship and training arm of the trust.

It uses Ebor’s annual apprenticeship levy to fund apprenticeship programmes for schools both in the trust and other MATs as well as local authority maintained schools, usually at no cost to the apprentice or their employer.

Programmes include recognised qualifications for teaching assistants, school business managers and early years practitioners.

We are an approved education training centre.

EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance

EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance handles initial teacher training, career development and school-to-school support.

Huntington Research School and York St John University are valued partners in our alliance, underlining our collective strength while retaining strong individual identities.

Both Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy, led by Ebor, and Manor Church of England Academy, led by Hope, are formally designated by the Department for Education as teaching schools. Teaching schools identify, develop and co-ordinate expertise for the benefit of pupils across a network of schools, making for better results, fewer poorly performing schools, more good and better schools and a self-improving and sustainable system.