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Understanding Ebor Academy Trust

Understanding Ebor Academy Trust

With its headquarters in York, Ebor Academy Trust is a values-led multi-academy trust – a family of schools with a sense of responsibility for each other.

Ours is a mixed trust comprising both Community and Church schools. We have strong links with York St John University, work closely with the Diocese of York and have established many successful and innovative partnerships with organisations sharing common values and the same moral purpose.

We consist of small village schools, large urban schools, schools in challenging circumstances and those which have the capacity to support others.

Our schools operate in geographic hubs in York, Selby, on the Yorkshire Coast and in the East Riding and The Humber.

Ebor stands for Excellence, Belonging, Opportunity, Respect:

  • Excellence in all we do
  • A sense of Belonging and solidarity for everyone in our group
  • Opportunities that are presented when we work well together
  • Respect for what we do and for each other.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual setting and share skills and resources, where appropriate, across our group.

Ebor was established to help a school in York that had been failing for over a decade. Less than three years after it joined the trust, Ofsted awarded the school its first ‘Good’ rating.

The trust is ambitious for all its component parts, creating an environment where there is a desire to learn. Our pupils develop the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and think critically and creatively.