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Schools open only for vulnerable children and children of key workers

The Prime Minister has imposed new lockdown restrictions to combat the escalating Covid-19 crisis, which means all schools will now only be open for vulnerable children and children of key workers.

Revised guidance on eligibility of key worker children was published recently and our schools will review this criteria and contact parents and carers accordingly.

Education will be delivered by remote learning, following principles outlined in the trust’s Remote Teaching and Learning Policy, which you can read in our policies section.

The Prime Minister said the extent of this new lockdown will be reviewed regularly but it is not expected there will be a return to the classroom for all children until after the February half-term.

Please bear with us as we reintroduce appropriate ways of working for our pupils and staff. The education of your children, and their welfare, remains a top priority and we will do what we can to minimise the inevitable disruption.

Schools will be in touch directly as more information becomes available.

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