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Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship

Level 3 TA Apprenticeship Programme

This online Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification will be of benefit to those new to the role  and those already working in schools who do not have a L3 qualification in this, or a similar subject area.

What will I be required to do?

The apprenticeship is completely online – you are not required to attend any lessons in person. 

However you are required to be ‘off the job’ one afternoon per week for online live and recorded training sessions and to complete directed learning activities. These include carrying out observations and assessments, undertaking self-directed learning activities, and completing evidence based tasks.

It is a requirement of apprenticeships that 20% of time on programme is focussed on opportunities for training and development (known as off the job training). We can work with you to provide and create a training and development plan that works for your setting, regardless of where you are located.

The programme will enable you to meet the Apprenticeship Standards by covering a variety of subjects to enhance your knowledge (such as childhood development, assessment for learning, curriculum, ICT, safeguarding); skills (including supporting teaching and learning, delivering interventions, promoting independence, effective questioning, positive behaviour management and wellbeing); and behaviours (promoting equality and diversity, team working and collaboration, personal accountability).

There can be more opportunities to develop further specialist skills depending on the needs of the learner and employer.

You will receive ongoing, online support throughout the duration of the programme – we’re with you every step of the way.

How long will it take to complete?

The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 18 months to complete.

Entry requirements

Apprentices will be required to hold 4 GCSEs (graded A* to C or 9 to 4) which should include English and Maths. 

You must also work in a Teaching Assistant post for a minimum of 25 contracted hours per week. 

The programme would benefit those who are new to the role, have three or fewer years’ experience, or who are looking for an opportunity to upskill and secure knowledge, skills and behaviours linked to the role, not previously taught.

Will my pay change?

If you’re currently employed as a TA, there will be no change to your terms and conditions of employment as a result of taking part in this training.

Next steps

If you have any questions or to register your interest, please email:

At-a-glance guide to your Learning Journey

Apprentice Handbook

What school leaders need to know

Investing in TA training and improving TA knowledge, behaviour and skills has been found to be one of the most transformative things a school can do to add value to quality first teaching.

As well as a significant proportion of a school budget, TA employment is often the largest investment of Pupil Premium and SEN funding; that specifically aimed at narrowing gaps and improving life chances for underprivileged and vulnerable children.  

But typically TAs receive little or no training to carry out their role.

Research shows that when TAs have the appropriate training to carry out their roles effectively, their impact on pupil outcomes is significantly improved. The quality of their interactions get better and they can more properly promote learning and independence.

Through our innovative, high quality TA Apprenticeship Programme, we can now provide an opportunity to upskill your teaching assistants to increase TA contribution to your school’s overall effectiveness.

Our programmes have received excellent feedback from headteachers, teachers, mentors and apprentices and have been awarded an Ofsted judgement of ‘Good’ in all three areas.

Headteachers of existing apprentices report that they have seen significant advancement in TA Apprentices’ understanding, motivation and contribution in schools.

They describe growth in confidence, an improved quality of interactions and highly effective support for pupils amongst some of the benefits of the training.

Apprentices have grown into new roles, taken on greater responsibilities and even in some cases been asked to model best practice.

Better still for apprenticeship levy payers, this training is usually at no cost to schools or the TAs on the programme!

Our Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification is aimed at all Teaching Assistants who do not already hold a level 3 qualification in this, or a similar, subject area. It’s also suitable for newcomers to the job and applies to Teaching Assistants at both primary and secondary phase.