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Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship

Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship Programme

This high quality online Level 3 Business Administration Qualification is designed to support those new to the role or those already in the role keen to achieve professional recognition and qualification. 

Business administrators completing the programme will have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector.

Administrators will be prepared for working independently or as part of a team and will be capable of developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. 

What will I be required to do? 

The apprenticeship is completely online – you are not required to attend any lessons in person. However, you are required to be ‘off the job’ one afternoon per week to focus on your professional development, attend live workshops and complete directed learning activities. 

We will work with you to provide and create a training and development plan that works for you, your setting and your employer, regardless of where you are located.

You will receive ongoing, online support throughout the duration of the programme – we’re with you every step of the way. 

How long will it take to complete? 

The apprenticeship will take approximately 18 months to complete (plus three months for End Point Assessment). 

Entry requirements 

Apprentices will be required to hold at least 4 GCSEs (graded A* to C or 9 to 4) which should include English and Maths. 

You must also work in the industry for a minimum of 25 contracted hours per week. 

Will my pay change? 

If you’re currently employed as an administrator there will be no change to your terms and conditions of employment as a result of taking part in this training. 

Next steps 

If you have any questions or want to express an interest in joining this programme please contact us at: 

Awarded ‘Good’ in all areas, Ofsted said apprentices “develop significant and relevant new skills, knowledge and behaviours” and that they feel valued and listened to and grow in confidence and resilience to carry out their roles – September 2022