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Sensory room is a dream come true for Enhanced Resource Provision

Children attending the Enhanced Resource Provision (ERP) at Haxby Road Primary Academy have had their dream of a special sensory room turned into reality thanks to a donation by the Lord’s Taverners Trust.

The trust, set up to help disadvantaged young people, donated £4,350.

The 26-place ERP is for children across the city who have difficulties with communication and interaction. They are children who find a mainstream environment difficult and require specialist intervention and support to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

“The ERP focuses on supporting children not only with the academic side of the curriculum but first and foremost, it focuses on creating an environment which enables children to be ready and available to learn,” said Mrs Lucy Battersby, Specialist Teacher for Communication & Interaction.

“Now the children look forward to visiting the sensory room every day. We have noticed children interact with each other much more now, whether it be gazing at each other through the bubble tube or using their voices to communicate via the light fan. The children enjoy role play with the fibre optic light curtain, where they pretend to be mermaids or a princesses.

“Two girls in particular love to take off their shoes and socks and experience the texture of the soft rug between their toes. Some of our pupils have sensory processing difficulties so the different sensory experiences aid those who are sensory seekers or require specific sensations to self- regulate. All the children love our new sensory room we are so grateful to have such a wonderful resource at the ERP.”

“We can’t thank the Lord’s Taverners enough – we all love the new sensory room,” said Lesley Thompson, Head of Haxby Road Speech and Language ERP.

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