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Park Grove enjoy innovative arts-based dance project

Park Grove Primary Academy children have taken part in an innovative dance and arts-based project as part of York Mediale 2018 festival – and now a video has been released of their performance.

“This was a new and exciting opportunity for Park Grove children and offered experience of working with arts professionals whilst also being involved in a new, internationally recognised festival,” said Charlotte Platts, class teacher.

York Mediale, a new international media arts festival, brought world premiere commissions from leading digital artists to the city and celebrated York as the UK’s first UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts.

Together with York Dance Space, lighting designer Mark Johnson and past Master of the Guild of Media Arts, Mat Lazenby, classes 8 and 9 explored the basics of coding through contemporary dance and light. The children then developed their own digital performance, working together to create patterns with their bodies using rhythm and repetitive dance moves, incorporating elements of light and shadow for their performance.

“Coding can seem like a difficult and inaccessible language,” explained Miss Platts. “We wanted to give the children a step up in understanding the basics and as well as computer science, the project included PE, art, science and citizenship.”

One of the Park Grove pupils, Holly, said: “I most enjoyed the science and technology elements because all the lighting was mesmerising and that links in both of my favourite subjects. The technology behind the lights wristband controller seems so advanced and interesting and the science behind it was so intriguing that I wanted to know more. The best part of the lights was actually using the wristband to control them because it felt like I was powerful and important – even though I only got to use it for less than a minute!”

Another pupil, Rylie, said: “It was a really fun and exciting experience because it is something you don’t normally do in school for PE or science.”

You can watch the video here:

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