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Alderman Cogan’s is Ebor’s 11th School

Alderman Cogan’s Church of England primary school in Hull has converted to academy status and joined Ebor Academy Trust.

Headteacher Mrs Jeanette Sutherland said: “Ebor has strength and expertise that will benefit both the children and our staff – we are delighted to be part of this growing organisation.

“An exciting new chapter has begun.”

Children and parents of Alderman Cogan’s Church of England Primary Academy, as it is now known, will see little difference on a day to day basis, but behind the scenes there will be a range of benefits. A central team will run many of the back office business functions.

“We had the best interests of our children at heart when governors opted to go down this route,” Mrs Sutherland explained. “Education is changing, multi-academy trusts are the future, and we recognised Ebor shared our ethos and values – I am thrilled that we are now part of their family of schools.”

Mrs Sutherland becomes Executive Headteacher, based at Alderman Cogan’s, for Ebor’s East Riding hub of schools. Mrs Amanda Devaney, previously deputy head, becomes head of school.

Ebor, based in York, now comprises 11 schools with a similar number lining up to join. Chief Executive Mr Richard Ludlow said: “We welcome Alderman Cogan’s and look forward to working alongside them. We are a collaborative trust, sharing best practice to ensure the best outcomes for the children in our care and providing developmental opportunities for staff.

“We consist of small village schools, large urban schools, schools in challenging circumstances and those which have capacity to share and support others. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual setting and share skills and resources, where appropriate, across our group. The Ebor Academy Trust is a family of schools who have a sense of responsibility for each other, building caring, strong professional relationships.”

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